My TOP 5 Tips to stay FOCUSED long term in your Health & Fitness Journey

“Where your FOCUS goes ENERGY flows”, therefore it’s very important we are keeping focused on the things that we DO want in life.

It’s not hard to stay focused short-term on your goals, say you want to lose weight for a particular event or you are following a 21 day program for example…FOCUS is generally not an issue, the biggest issue there is creating new habits as well as motivation, but what happens after the 21 days? or after you have achieved your goal? How do you stay focused on a bigger long-term vision?

Here are my Top 5 TIPS based on my own personal Fitness journey:


Set them on your phone as alarms ” make healthy choices and move my body today”, use mantras like “nothing tastes as good as healthy feels” or remind yourself of your deep-rooted why “I want to be healthy and keep up with my children”. You could even leave them as notes on your fridge or bathroom mirror, the key is to keep you focused every day!!


Matthew McConaughey said this is an acceptance speech and it really hit home with me as I noticed that without ever saying it before, I felt very similar. His hero? himself in 10 years!!! and when those 10 years come around is he that hero? not even close…that hero will always be him in 10 years, his future self. He will always be chasing that future version of himself and never wants to actually catch him. How does this apply to your Health & Fitness you ask? You need to always be striving for more, there will always be room for improvement because health & fitness is not a short-term goal it is a long-term journey with no end!


My best TIP to stay focused and always moving forward on your journey is to always be taking on NEW Challenges. When I finish a program, I take on a New one! I try different eating plans to keep myself excited, I try new recipes or you could even sign up for a new class or even a marathon! Give yourself something to work towards and motivate you and you will find staying focused becomes a whole lot easier!


Who you surround yourself with is going to make a big difference on your Focus, and I get that not everyone is blessed with the support of their loved ones at home…so if that is the case, it is even more important to go out and find yourself a support system! I run an online Accountability group for people doing the fitness programs and following the eating plan, and the reason I run these groups as long-term groups as opposed to only keeping them in the length of their 21 day program for example is because I know the importance of community, motivation and accountability. Things will happen in life that will throw you off your game, but when you are surrounded by positive like-minded people it makes it much easier to dust yourself off and get back up!


People often underestimate the importance of Personal Development as it applies to your Health & Fitness. Your mindset is EVERYTHING!!! Books such as the compound effect teach an important lesson about the benefits of showing up everyday and the effect they have on your long-term success, Highly recommend it. Learning more about nutrition and taking an interest in it can also go a long way in making you actually want to make healthier choices when you truly grasp the understanding of how food affects our health!

These are my Top 5 Tips that have made the biggest impact on my personal journey over the past 2 1/2 years, I hope you find them helpful. If you have your own, I would love to hear them…and if you are on the struggle bus with motivation or focus, feel free to comment below or message me at, I would be happy to chat with you and offer some suggestions!



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