6 Natural Toxic Free Beauty Solutions

Lately I have been trying to be more conscious of the toxins in our day-to-day products. It’s actually pretty crazy when you think of everything you use on a daily basis and actually read the ingredient labels, it’s enough to make your head spin and wonder “what is safe to use these days”!

So as not to go overboard, I have decided as I run out of certain products, that I would make the choice to replace them with cleaner toxin free options! Some have been total flops ( just as regular products can be) but I do have some total winners that have been making a big difference in my beauty routine and I just had to share with you.

1- Coconut Oil

I use coconut oil in my coffee, smoothies and to cook BUT I have also learnt that Coconut Oil makes an unbelievable makeup remover for face and eyes. Just massage over skin and eyes ( make sure not to get it IN your eyes) and wash off with a warm facecloth. Not only will it remove all your makeup perfectly but it will leave your skin hydrated with a beautiful glow!! Buy the big tub to get the most bang for your buck and you will not only be saving money, but making the safer choice for your health & skin!

2 – Apple Cider Vinegar

Similar to coconut oil, ACV is something that I also take internally ( 1 tbsp with warm water twice a day really assists with digestion and bloating) but after struggling with some skin issues recently, I took my search online and read about using Apple cider vinegar as a Skin Toner. The Benefits since using it twice a day after cleansing my skin have been brighter complexion, breakouts are going away and pores appear smaller!

The recipe:

  • Pour 1 part Apple cider vinegar ( with mother) into a container.
  • Add 2 parts water.
  • Shake the bottle to combine the mixture.
  • Shake well before each use and store in a cool, dry, dark place.

3 – Dr.Bronners 18- in-1 Hemp Pure Castille Soap

This product has been around for ages and can be used for almost everything!!! From body soap to laundry detergent, dish soap, shampoo, pet shampoo, cleaning product, etc…. It’s certified Organic, contains natural and comes in a variety of sizes!

My favourite is the peppermint, it’s energizing in the morning leaving your skin tingling and clean!

4 – Green Beaver SPF27 Sunscreen

We know about the harmful effects of the sun and that we need to be applying sunscreen…but what about all the harmful ingredients that are in most sunscreens!? If I’m going to use something to protect my skin from something that’s harmful, I’m going to make sure the product itself is safe to use. This sunscreen is chemical free and made with vegan and certified organic ingredients and most important it’s safe to use on the little one too!

5. Dr. Mist Deodorant Spray 

Now this is an item that has taken many flops to finally find the winner. I have tried tons of deodorants over the years, knowing how bad anti perspirants are for us, but never found anything that worked, until this!!

This is a spray with a light essential oil scent. I have been using it for a couple of months and have had an amazing experience with it, Highly recommend it!

6. Carina Organics Shampoo

I am so happy with this shampoo. Similar to the deodorant, I have tried many natural shampoos over the years with no luck. This shampoo left my hair feeling very clean, shiny as well as moisturized! The smell is very light and natural and might I mention the price on the shampoo is also amazing, coming in at 11.99! This shampoo is formulated with certified organic plant, vegetable, and fruit extracts.

I used the Citrus Extra Gentle Shampoo for colour treated hair.

So there it is, these items are my go to items in my day-to-day now and I had to share them and help open your eyes to being more aware of the ingredients not only in the items in what you eat, but in what you put on your skin!

If you have any Toxin Free Beauty Must haves, I would love to hear in the comments below, and I look forward to sharing more!


5 thoughts on “6 Natural Toxic Free Beauty Solutions

  1. I’m a big fan of coconut oil and apple cider vinegar! Defo need to try the others – lovely post, and an interesting read. I’m becoming obsessed with chemicals ATM so was good to learn some new chemical free things to try x

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