HOW TO Find Your Personal Style?

Recently I have been chatting with other women who claim to have either lost their style or never found it to begin with…

Personally for me, there was once a time I had style, I worked in the fashion industry and always had a unique way of putting outfits together. Denim, leopard, leather, layers, hats, accessories and red lips were just some of my staples, but after I left the industry, the city and had our daughter these staples slowly got traded for leggings and hoodies. My hair that was once styled was now air dried and makeup became a daily basic look. My confidence and mood took a beating as I fell into a rut.

Now, my daughter is 3 and a half and I have begun to find myself again as well as my style, which has now evolved!

For all you ladies out there struggling to find your style or find it again ( for all you mama’s) I wanted to share some TIPS I have always followed to get an understanding/ perspective on what my style really was and how to get the look..


My suggestion is to think of what celebrities style you really admire using Pinterest. The reason I use celebrities as inspiration is because they are being styled by the very best in the industry…so why not learn from the best!

Create a board called MY FASHION STYLE and pin any photo you find of a celebrity where you really love their style. In time you will see that many of these pictures you are pinning will have a general look, feel and vibe. The looks may be classic, eclectic, edgy, bohemian or a mix….but very likely there will be a theme and some key pieces that stand out.

For example, here is my snippet of STYLE INSPIRATION – Two main celeb inspirations are Olivia Palermo and Rosie Huntington Whiteley, their style….some classic, some street, some relaxed – Their is a general vibe to these looks….and I use this as inspiration whether shopping the stores or just my closet 😉 blog.png

The same can and should be done for BEAUTY INSPIRATION, what kind of look are you trying to portray? What kind of hairstyles do you like? Make up colours? When I created this board I picked from a broad range of celebrities but its amazing how consistent the look is!!! This really will help give you some direction!

Here is mine as an example:


So whether it’s time to head out to the stores to do an update of your wardrobe or time to maybe put things together in a different way within your closet, I hope this TIP sets you on the right path to discovering your style……and Remember Fashion and Beauty is meant to be FUN! Have FUN expressing yourself and your confidence will begin to soar as well!

~ Samantha Dempster, Happy Chic Blog


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