Beauty On A Budget

Its not often we come across Quality products for a steal anymore!

Working for many high end Cosmetic companies in the past I earned alot of my beautiful makeup as part of my salary, but after leaving the industry I found it really hard to suddenly have to shell out the money to pay for it!

Recently on a quest to find the perfect Mascara ( as my old fave was now discontinued) I posted on Facebook to get people’s opinions!
I got tons of feedback but in the end went ahead with my best friends recommendation ( Why didn’t i ask her first?) of the brand Essence from Shoppers Drug Mart. “Its the Best mascara I have ever tried” she said….”and the cheapest!”

I purchased the I love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara, it has tiny little bristles which make getting every single lash super easy to do and truly gives dramatic volume with just one layer! I will use this Mascara for as long as I can ( I cant imagine finding one that does a better job and truly you can’t beat the price!!) Under $5!!!!

After blowing me away with their mascara, I got curious about the rest of the line…and at the price point I figure it was worth giving some more items a shot!
I have since purchased their eyeliner pencils, Liquid Eyeliner, Concealer and Lipsticks…and they are all amazing!

Their Liquid liner pen is Perfection to give a flawless line, very easy to use and manage. Their lipstick are creamy with beautiful colour….and again all under $5 each!

Lastly, another amazing Drugstore find has been Maybelline Baby Skin. I heard about it from my hairdresser who is also a makeup artist, I went out and purchased it immediately and love the poreless smoothing look it creates on your skin!

When you come across Beauty finds this good, you just have to share with the world!
Hope you go out and give some of these products a try and would love to hear your feedback on them 🙂


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