My HONEST 21 Day Fix Review!

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to take a moment today to write a personal review of the fitness program 21 Day Fix

What is 21 Day Fix?

21 Day Fix is a fitness and nutrition program that makes losing weight so simple that anyone can do it! Easy to use portion control containers teach you how to eat a healthy diet while teaching portion control and 30 minute workouts make it quick and easy to get your workouts in, no excuses! The program is so effective and popular because it simplifies everything…all you have to do is commit and follow along and you are sure to see amazing results!

Fitness Level: This program is for all fitness levels. If you are beginner there is a modifier you can follow until you build up enough strength to follow along with Autumn. You can also do this workout even if you are more advanced. My husband, who is more advanced got as much out of this program as I did!

The Trainer: Autumn Calabrese is a celebrity fitness trainer, busy single mother and national fitness bikini competitor, she is very upbeat and motivating.

What you Get:

– 7 colour coded portion control containers
– 7 workouts ( 1 for every day of the week) + Bonus Abs workout
– Bonus workout if you order through a Beachbody coach such as myself.
– Eating plan

challenge pack

My personal review:

This program is LEGIT!!! If you follow the workouts and eating plan as laid out, you can guarantee a body transformation in 3 weeks!

I have been running Challenge groups for over 2 years now and there is a reason I start most people off with this program and that is because people are motivated by results and this is what this program gives!

Its a really great mix of workouts, from cardio and weights to Pilates & Yoga, so you can never get bored and you get a well rounded workout program.

The container system and eating plan is completely GENIUS and makes it really easy to meal plan for the week and eat a well rounded diet! I also really liked that it allowed for wine or chocolate on occasion if you didn’t use all your yellow ( carb containers).
Originally when I first tried this program, I thought that working out for three weeks straight without a break would be challenging…but it really wasn’t. It helped build momentum and turn working out into a habit. Plus the workouts are only 30 minutes, easy to fit into your day!

I would really recommend this to anyone whether you are looking to get started with your fitness journey or if you are more advanced looking for a new challenge or even looking to get quick results before an important event.

Check out my husbands incredible Results, in just 21 days!What a difference 3 weeks can make!

How much does it cost?

The best deal on the 21 Day Fix experience is called a CHALLENGE PACK and it is $186 ( quoted in Canadian dollars) You get the full 21 Day Fix program and nutrition plan + 1 month of Shakeology (normally $156). So basically it’s like you are getting the 21 Day Fix program for just $30! This is what you need to buy to join my monthly challenge groups.

The challenge group is truly the key to long term success because it connects you with a community, especially with a program like the 21 Day Fix where you will likely have lots of questions about meal planning and recipes ideas! You get free coaching from ME as you go through the program with a group of other people all doing it together! We talk about nutrition and goals and how to create healthy habits. We encourage each other when we start to stumble and celebrate each other’s successes!

If you would like to join my next challenge group or chat more about your goals, fill out this form and I will be in contact with you!


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