My Completely Honest PiYo Review

What is PiYo? If Pilates and Yoga had a Super Hero Love child it would be called PiYo! Piyo uses the most effective Pilates and Yoga inspired moves to sculpt long lean muscles and burn fat. It is low impact but high intensity, so you get the fat burning results of a more intense program

Who is it for? Any fitness level! If you like the benefits of pilates and yoga but want more of a calorie burn! If you want to increase your flexibility and improve your core strength and build lean muscle.

What You Get…

piyo-pic• 8 workouts  (25 – 45 min each) 1 Bonus workout Easy to follow Get lean Eating Plan 60 day workout calendar – Tells you which workout to do which day PLUS an extra workout Hardcore on the floor when you order through me!

Here is my HONEST Personal Review

I absolutely LOVED this workout!!! The first week did start off a little on the slow side and I did wonder to myself…how was I going to get results from this?!

…but I stuck with it as well as with eating a healthy diet and drinking my shakes.

By week 3, I was already noticing my body toning up, not to mention how much stronger and more flexible I was feeling! As the weeks went by I noticed how much better I would feel after these workouts. My mood improved, it also helped to relieve stress and made me feel empowered and ready to take on my day!

I enjoyed that these workouts did not involve any jumping, they are low impact but high intensity. They are also amazing at sculpting your muscles from every angle, even muscles you never knew you had!

Chalene is an amazing fitness trainer, I had never actually heard of her before, I must have been living underneath a rock….because she actually holds the Guinness book of world records for putting out the most fitness DVD’s! People LOVE her and I get it….she’s AWESOME, she’s totally motivating and makes you push just a little bit harder!

My End Results

I am extremely happy with my end results….I feel leaner and my body has toned up a lot! It has set me on a healthy pattern of eating well and working out 6 days a week. I am so much stronger than when I started!!! My last week of this program happened to fall on Christmas week and my eating (for obvious reasons) was not totally on par, so that set me back a bit, I decided to add on an extra week in the end!

Here are My Before and After Pictures BEFORE PIYO I

lost 7 pounds and 7″ inches total from my body! Most importantly, I feel AMAZING on the inside!

My Next Step I will now be moving on to the 21 Day Fix, but I loved PiYo so much that I will be incorporating it as part of a hybrid workout in the near future.

Want to give PiYo a try? Join my next challenge group! I run amazing Online Challenge groups and am passionate about helping others achieve their goals, if you have any interest in joining or want to see what program would be best for you, let’s chat. Fill in this form, and I will be in contact with you!


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