My Health & Fitness Journey

My Journey begins in Elementary school, I was the tall string bean girl who was completely uncoordinated, weak and clearly lacked confidence when it came to anything fitness related. I was the kid who faked stomach aches just to get out of gym class, was not on any sports teams, and was always picked last for any kind of competition. I was a total girly-girl and was much more into art and fashion than doing anything active!

By my 20’s this thin girl started to get some curves! After living most of my life being able to eat whatever I wanted without gaining a pound, things had changed…I began incorporating some exercise into my life but never anything consistent.

Enter my now husband, we met when I was 25, he was very health conscious and had worked out most of his life! I completely credit him for introducing me to a healthier lifestyle.

Right before I got pregnant with our daughter I had decided to challenge myself to be a part of a test group for a 2 month high intensity workout. It was completely out of my comfort zone, but I felt that by signing up, I would feel responsible to stick with it. It worked, I got into the best shape of my life and pushed myself harder than I ever thought possible.

A few months later, enter pregnancy and some life stress and I slowly stopped working out and over time let my diet slip too!

After I had my daughter I did lose most of the weight, but when she was 18 months old I found myself in a bit of a rut again, not eating well, indulging in too much wine and cookies and not working out regularly was causing me to start packing on some pounds.

One night in the depths of my rut, I saw an ad on Facebook looking for BeachBody coaches, a way to make money by getting in shape and inspiring others to do the same! This was just what I needed, another challenge to get me back on track! I signed up about a week later and ordered PiYo ( a 60 day at home DVD workout that combines both Pilates & Yoga elements). I could not have picked a better program! I completely fell in love with it, in a way that I had never felt before. It made me change the way I looked at working out. I was following the eating plan, drinking shakeology and after only 3 weeks I was already seeing amazing changes in my body. I have since completed the program and loved it so much that I know that I will always incorporate PiYo into my weekly workouts.

This time there is no going back for me. PiYo helped me welcome fitness and health as my new lifestyle. I feel better from the inside out, and absolutely love my job as a BeachBody coach, being able to share these workouts and help people reach their goals has been a fantastic feeling!

In case you are interested I will be posting a Full review on PiYo in my next post and I do run frequent PiYo challenge groups. Leave me a message if you are interested in taking the plunge like I did, I would love to be a part of your journey! 🙂


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